The aim of this study is to study paient reported outcome measures (PROMS) in patients with diabetes mellitus type I and II during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. Analysis of the data should enable us to answer the following questions:
Primary end-point
People with diabetes have patient factors/vunerability (antropometriske data, miljøfaktorer), or underlying disease factors (diabetes mellitus) that predispose towards a more serious course of covid-19 infeksjon compared with the normal population.
Secondary endpoints

  • Are more people with diabetes tested for Covid-19 (%) compared with the general population?
  • Are ther more positive tests among people withdiabetes than in the general population.
  • To what extent have people with diabetes requested to be tested, but not been tested (despite being in a high risk group).
  • Have patients with suspected or confirmed Covid- 19 experienced more problems controlling their diabetes during Covid-19 infection?
  • Have pasients experienced acute diabetes complications (ketoacidosis/ hypoglycemia) during suspected or confirmed Covid-19 infeksjon?
  • Is there a better outcome after Covid- 19 infection in those who have been vaccinated against sesonal influensa?
  • Are there more deaths because of Covid-19 and diabetes compared with general population?
  • Are there more patients with diabetes and Covid-19 who have reqired intensive treatment? (linkage tointensive care registry)
  • Is there an association between serious Covid-19 course, and obesity/overweight?
  • Does the presence of diabetes lead to increasef anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic?