In the Health Fonna HF, the Mental Health service for the Disabled (PPU) is responsible for investigating and treating people with developmental disabilities and / or autism with cooccurring mental disorders. The target group has a high incidence of risk factors associated with severe disease and death from Covid-19 infection, such as cardiovascular disorders and chronic lung diseases, reduced immune defenses. This group needs special protection. Therefore, telephone consultation has been introduced to all patients who are or are being treated in the outpatient clinic unless there is a risk to life and health. Further, as all ambulatory services are temporarly paused, supervision to care staff are also provided by tlephone consultations.

There is limited knowledge about feasibility, satisfaction and benefit of treatment through telephone consultation for patients with developmental disabilities. Some knowledge is available regarding the satisfaction with telephone consultation as a method of following up caregivers for people with developmental disabilities. This research found that caregivers were satisfied with follow-up by telephone over a period of 4 weeks. Research on telephone consultation with neuro typical patients with mental disorders has found that this can be effective on disorders such as anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, but here too it concludes that more research is needed.

The aim of this study is to evaluate attitudes and experiences with telephone consultation in the treatment of mental disorders in adults with develomental disabilities and the experiences and attitudes of municipal health- and care professionals who follows the patient through the treatment at PPU, and possible changes to the baseline attitude throughout the treatment process. Further, the study aims at investigate the effectiveness of telephone consultation with regards to treatment outcome on several variables, including symptoms of mental disorders, challenging behavior og quality improvement in the care provided by the municipality services.