Are you planning to apply for funding for your research?

Through local, national and international collaboration, you can increase the quality of your research and improve your chances with funding opportunities.

Helse Bergen and the University of Bergen are members of the four European Research Infrastructures:

  • ECRIN – European network for clinical trials, Norwegian partner is NorCRIN
  • EATRIS –  European network for Translational Medicine
  • BBMRI – European infrastructure for Biobanking, Norwegian partner is Biobank Norway
  • ELIXIR – the European Research Infrastructure for Life Science Data, with its Norwegian Node ELIXIR Norway

We would like to inform you how these infrastructures can help you and your research.

We invite you to an information event on the 5th of January at 13:00 at the EITRI Medical Incubator.

NorCRIN, EATRIS, BBMRI and ELIXIR will be presented and we will talk about specific calls for funding and how scientific collaboration can help you make progress with your research.

We will be available for 1-to-1 conversation before and after the info meeting.



Please follow the link to register


13:00Welcome and introductions (ESFRIs, EU-funding incentives, Research focus UiB)Marit Bakke, Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Medicine UIB
13:10Biobank Norge BBMRI – European infrastructure for biobankingKristian Hveem, NTNU
13:25EATRIS European infrastructure for translational medicineAnita Kavlie, UiO
13:40ELIXIR European infrastructure for Biological InformationChristine Stansberg, UiB
13:55NorCRIN/ECRIN – European Clinical Research Infrastructure NetworkSigrun M. Hjelle, Helse Bergen
14:10Two EU consortiums where you can apply for free research services in cancer and infectious diseasesAnita Kavlie, UiO
14:20EU AMRI and European alliance of medical research infrastructures (BBMRI, EATRIS and ECRIN): what can they offer?Anita Kavlie, UiO
14:25Closing remarks: How can research networks influence clinical applicationsSamantha Scarlett,  Helse Bergen