Agreements in the planning stage

SOP Samarbeidsavtaler, informasjonsrutiner og delegering av oppgaver (Collaboration agreements, information procedures and delegation of tasks)

It is important to clarify the allocation of tasks in the trial, and this must be formalised in accordance with the institution’s guidelines.

Various templates are available:

Avtale med forskningsstøtte (Agreement with research support). The hospitals offer varying degrees of research support. UNN, HUS, St. Olav and OUS also have a responsibility to provide support in their respective health regions. What they provide may vary somewhat, but most hospitals can offer monitoring and data management. Some may also offer statistics, assistance with applications to agencies, health finances etc.

Agreements with other internal service departments are to be made in accordance with the hospitals’ own procedures.

Template Study Agreement Multicenter Study for use for agreements between sponsoring institutions and participating centres. The English version is intended for use in international trials. It is advisable to include an attachment clearly describing who will perform the various tasks. NorCRIN is currently working on a template for this, which will be published in due course.

Pharmacies generally use their own agreement templates. Otherwise, Samarbeidsavtale apotek (Collaboration agreement, pharmacy) and Økonomisk avtale apotek (Financial agreement, pharmacy) can be used.