For industry

Close partnership with industry is an important factor in promoting clinical research in Norway. Our goal is to promote and improve the partnership between academia and industry. NorCRIN’s contacts facilitate and coordinate contact between the academic research environments at the Norwegian regional health authorities and health trusts, and industrial partners within a wide range of therapeutic areas.

You can contact the university hospitals by e-mail at; your message will then automatically be forwarded to all six university hospitals in Norway. The university hospitals will respond individually to your enquiry.

You can also contact the university hospitals individually using the contact information below.

Feasibilities can be sent to the hospitals via NorTrials feasibility portal.

To read more about how enquiries from the industry are handled, please click the link below:

If your company wishes to hold a meeting with one or more professional environments at one of the six university hospitals, please contact the hospital in question using the contact information below. A working note has been prepared for planning dialogue meetings based on previous experience from such events. This may be a useful tool in a planning process. Click the link below to see the working note:

Akershus University Hospital Trust

Contact: Anne Kristine Øvre
Telephone: (+47) 67 96 86 90

Haukeland University Hospital Trust

Contact: Anne Mathilde Kvamme
Telephone: (+47) 55 97 07 95

Oslo University Hospital Trust

Contact: Ellen Johnsen
Telephone: (+47) 482 30 256

St. Olav’s Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital

Contact: Solfrid Hovdal
Telephone: (+47) 478 11 355

Stavanger University Hospital Trust

Contact: Solfrid Moen
Telephone: (+47) 51 51 33 63

University Hospital of North Norway

Contact: Merethe Larsen
Telephone: (+47) 77 75 59 06

Clinical trial offices

Norwegian regional health authorities and health trusts emphasise professionalism and transparency at all stages in collaboration with the industry. Therefore, we work closely with dedicated internal or external parties who specialise in legal, administrative and financial tasks related to clinical trials. Our regional contacts should always be involved as early as possible to ensure correct and complete administrative processing of the trial.

The names of the various representatives and their contact information can be found below.

Inven2 AS
Region: Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, Northern Norway Regional Health Authority

Contact: Siri Kolle
Telephone: (+47) 415 13 746

Stavanger Helseforskning AS
Region: Stavanger Hospital Trust

Contact: Terje I. Våland
Telephone: (+47) 51 91 09 10

St. Olav’s Hospital (“Operating Theatre of the Future” commissioned research, clinical trials and medical technology)
Region: Central Norway Regional Health Authority


Ingrid Granbo
Telephone: (+47) 932 23 788

Marianne Haugvold
Telephone: (+47) 957 00 495

Bergen Hospital Trust,
Haukeland University Hospital
Region: Western Norway Regional Health Authority

Industry studies are handled internally.

Research and development department
Section for research and innovation

E-mail address for enquiries:

Anne Mathilde Kvamme
Telephone: (+47) 906 55 238

Samantha Scarlett
Telephone: (+47) 451 43 746