For monitors

For monitoring:

SOP Monitoring for Monitors with accompanying monitoring report templates:

Study Initiating Monitoring Report
Monitoring Report
Biobank Monitoring Report
Final Trial Close-out Monitoring Report

If using a paper CRF or an electronic solution that does not allow queries to be entered, Template Query List can be used.

If a monitor wishes to hand over a trial to another monitor, the Trial Handover Procedure and Checklist should be used.

For co-monitoring:

SOP Komonitorering (Co-monitoring) (for internal monitor use only)

Komonitoreringsrapport (Co-monitoring report) (for internal monitor use only)
Komonitoreringsbesøk sjekkliste (Co-monitoring visit checklist) (for internal monitor use only)
Oversikt komonitoreringsbesøk (Overview of co-monitoring visit) (for internal monitor use only)