For patients – ask about ongoing trials

Ask us about clinical trials – brochure for patients

Did you know that you can try new medicines or medical devices by means of research projects?

Do you know how to ask to participate in a clinical trial, and thereby gain access to new and experimental treatment?

We encourage you to ask your doctor whether there is a trial that is suitable for you and your illness!

The purpose of clinical trials is to document the effectiveness and safety of new treatment methods. Before a new medication can be used, it must go through clinical trials. Clinical trials are important because they strengthen Norway’s position in health research, provide more knowledge-based workplaces and, most importantly, give patients access to new treatment methods. Read more in this brochure (PDF).

Clinical trials on

Running a large number of clinical trials in Norway enhances patient safety by giving Norwegian doctors knowledge about new treatment, Norwegian patients access to innovative medicinal products – often several years before they come on the market – and the pharmaceutical companies knowledge and documentation on how the medicinal products work.

Patients who wish to participate in or find out about ongoing clinical trials should visit This site allows you to apply to participate in clinical trials, either by category or based on the hospital in Norway in which the trial is taking place.

Clinical trials are also registered at On this site, you need to use English keywords (including “Norway”) and look for trials that have the status “Recruiting”. You can also select the “By topic” tab and see if you find relevant condition(s) that are covered by trials for which patients are being recruited.