National overview of Covid-19 trials

A national overview of Covid-19 trials will be continuously updated based on information collected from the regional health authorities and their subsidiaries.

New trials can be reported using questback.

The overview shows registered research projects (started/planned) in the specialist health service that relate to Covid-19 patients. The overview is divided into three tables: interventional studies, observational studies and others.

During the period following registration, no doubt multiple project managers will incorporate new partners, and the project will change status from planned to ongoing. In order to keep the list up to date, we ask project managers to notify changes by e-mail to

First published: 3 April 2020
Latest update: 30 October 2020
Number of new trials: 1
Total trials: 109

Study design: Treatment

NrProject statusProject leader/Contact info

Health trust/InstitutionStudy title/Aims of the studyStudy designEthics approvalBiobankFundingPatient categoriesTotal number of patients to be includedAge of patientsCollaborative institutionsRegional health trust
1OngoingOlav DalgardAkershus UniversitetssykehusNorwegian coronavirus disease 2019 (NO COVID-19) study: An open labeled randomized controlled pragmatic trial evaluate the antiviral effect of chloroquine in adult patients with SARS-COV-2 infectionTreatmentYesYesYesHospitalized patients without intensive care200>18 yearsHelse Sør-Øst
2PlanningTormod FladbyAkershus UniversitetssykehusControlling IFN responses for CoV Protection and adjuvant Treatment (CICPaT) – an adaptive, two-stage open label, pragmatic randomized controlled trial in hospitalized adults diagnosed with COVID-19TreatmentNoIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care150>18 yearsThe Norwegian Institute of Public Health University of OsloHelse Sør-Øst
3OngoingPål AukrustOslo UniversitetssykehusWHO: The NOR Solidarity multicenter trial on the efficacy of different anti-viral drugs in SARS CoV-2 infected patients
TreatmentYesYesYesIntensive care patientsInternational multicenter studyHelse Sør-Øst
4OngoingLise Sofie Nissen-MeyerOslo UniversitetssykehusOpen randomized controlled phase 2 clinical trial for evaluation of safety and efficacy of COVID-19 convalescent plasma compared to standard care for treatment of COVID-19 disease among elderlyTreatmentYesYesYesInpatients other institutionsApprox 500>50National multicenter study including blood banks, nursery homes and COVID-19-dedicated primary care institutions in several health regions.Helse Sør-Øst
5OngoingHanne ScholzOslo UniversitetssykehusPlacenta-derived Decidual stromal cells (DSC) in the treatment of acute pulmonary diseaseTreatmentYesYesYesHospitalized patients without intensive careHelse Sør-Øst
6OngoingFridtjof HeyerdahlOslo UniversitetssykehusInhaled NO as bridge to rapid sequence intubation in COVID-19 related hypoxemia (INOCOV-19)TreatmentYesNoYesHospitalized patients without intensive careHelse Sør-Øst
7OngoingJon Henrik LaakeOslo UniversitetssykehusHandling oxygenation targets in adults with COVID-19 associated acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure in the ICUTreatmentYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
8OngoingAnders ÅsbergOslo UniversitetssykehusPharmacokinetic population analysis of antiviral drugs in the NOR SOLIDARITY studyTreatmentYesYesYesHelse Sør-Øst
9OngoingArne Vasli SøraasOslo UniversitetssykehusCod Liver Oil for COVID-19 Prevention StudyTreatmentYesYesYesOutpatients80000Helse Sør-Øst

Study design: Observational

NrProject statusProject leader/Contact info

Health trust/InstitutionStudy title/Aims of the studyStudy designEthics approvalBiobankFundingPatient categoriesTotal number of patients to be includedAge of patientsCollaborative institutionsRegional health trust
1OngoingJørgen DahlbergAkershus UniversitetssykehusICU triageObservationalYesYesIntensive care patientsApprox 90All patients assessed for intensive care treatmentOslo University HospitalHelse Sør-Øst
2PlanningJonn Terje GeitungAkershus UniversitetssykehusRadiology of Covid patientsObservationalNoNoIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients1-550-100Helse Sør-Øst
3OngoingChristopher InchleyAkershus UniversitetssykehusCOVID-19 in hospitalised Norwegian children – risk factors, outcomes and immunologyObservationalYesYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients250≤ 18 yearsUniversity Hospital of North Norway; St Olavs Hospital; Oslo University Hospital; Stavanger University Hospital; Østfold Hospital; Vestre Viken Hospital; Fonna Health (Haugesund Hospital); Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen; Health Møre and Romsdal (Ålesund Hospital); Innlandet Hospital (Lillehammer); Nordland Hospital (Bodø); Norwegian Institute of Public HealthHelse Sør-Øst
4OngoingTorbjørn OmlandAkershus UniversitetssykehusMekanismer bak sykelighet og dødelighet ved COVID-19
ObservationalYesYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care200>18 yearsHelse Sør-Øst
5OngoingTorbjørn OmlandAkershus UniversitetssykehusUse of blood pressure medication and risk of COVID-19 infection and complicationsObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
6OngoingGunnar EinvikAkershus UniversitetssykehusPatient reported outcomes and lung function after hospitalization for COVID-19 infection (PROLIFE)ObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care500>18Akershus University Hospital, University of Oslo, Landsforeningen for Hjerte- og lungesyke, Oslo Universitetssykehus (OUS), Sykehuset Østfold Kalnes (SØ), Haukeland universitetssykehus (HUS), St. Olavs HospitalHelse Sør-Øst
7PlanningAnne EskildAkershus UniversitetssykehusThe SARS Cov-2 epidemic among pregnant women and pregnancy outcomesObservationalNoOutpatients50 00030Departments of Microbiology in NorwayHelse Sør-Øst
8OngoingTormod FladbyAkershus universitetssykehus HFControlling IFN responses for CoV Protection and adjuvant Treatment (CICPaT)ObservationalYesYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care200>18 yearsThe Norwegian Institute of Public Health University of OsloHelse Sør-Øst
9OngoingSilje Bakken JørgensenAkershus universitetssykehusCovid-19 infections in health care workers with different levels of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 infected patients (COVPROTECT)ObservationalYesYesNoOutpatients400adultsHelse Sør-Øst
10OngoingKnut StavemAkershus universitetssykehusPatient-reported outcomes and thromboembolism after COVID-19 without hospitalization (PROTROM)ObservationalYesNoYesOutpatients900>18Akershus University Hospital, Østfold Hospital, Fürst laboratoryHelse Sør-Øst
11PlanningMy SvenssonAkershus universitetssykehusPulmonary ultrasound as a diagnostic tool in patients with COVID-19 infectionObservationalYesNoNoHospitalized patients without intensive care40Above 18Helse Sør-Øst
12PlanningGrethe Åstrøm UelandBergen/Noklus/Norwegian diabetesregistry for AdultsPatient reported outcome measures (PROMS) in patients with diabetes mellitus type I og II under the Covid-19 pandemic 2020ObservationalYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients10 000 with type 1 diabetes and 19 000 with type 2 diabetes18 – 100 årThe Norwegian diabetes registry for adults collects data from all health regions in NorwayHelse Vest
13OngoingMarius MyrstadBærum sykehus Vestre Viken HFCovid-19 at BæRum hospital – Acute care and outcomes (The COBRA-study)ObservationalNoYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive careAll patients admitted to hospital with covid-1918 years and olderHelse Sør-Øst
14FinalisedHans FlaattenHaukeland UniversitetssjukehusPrognostic factors in criticall ill patients with COVID-19 infection ≥ 70 years. A multicenter international study: COVIP
ObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patients1346 (total no. of included patients)≥7010 hospitals in Norway, including all region hospitals. 28 countries and 139 ICUs throughout Europe & IsraelHelse Vest
15OngoingHilde EngjomHaukeland UniversitetssjukehusCOVID19 in pregnancy- NorwayObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/OutpatientsNational Advisory Unit for Womens’s Health and the Norwegian Institute of Public HealthHelse Vest
16OngoingRebecca CoxHaukeland UniversitetssjukehusCOVID-19 infection in the general population and health care workersObservationalYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients/Inpatients other institutions25000-100Haukeland University Hospital, University in Bergen, Haraldsplass Hospital, Bergen Kommune, Stavanger University HospitalHelse Vest
17OngoingCecilie SvanesHaukeland Universitetssjukehus/ Universitetet i BergenSusceptible to Covid-19ObservationalNoYesOutpatients200about 20-70 yearsHaukeland Universityhospital and University of BergenHelse Vest
18PlanningArvid Steinar HaugenHaukeland universitetssykehus, Helse BergenAssessment of teamwork, communication and consistency of care in surgical teams during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – Corona Virus 2 pandemicObservationalYesYesNoHospitalized patients without intensive care600>18(Recruiting)Helse Vest
19OngoingEystein HusebyeHelse BergenObservational study of Covid-19 infections in patients with primary adrenal insufficiencyObservationalYesNoYesOutpatients10018 and aboveAll somatic hospitals in NorwayHelse Vest
20OngoingOddbjørn HoveHelse Fonna HFTeleconsultation for adults with developmental disabilitiesObservationalNoYesOutpatients5018+Helse Vest
21OngoingKjetil SøreideHelse StavangerCovidSurg
ObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care2500?>18 yearsGlobal, international, currently >150 countriesHelse Vest
22OngoingLise Tuset GustadNord-Trøndelag HFClinical characterization of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and long-term consequences on individual and communitiesObservationalYesYesIntensive care patients1200>18HNT HF, NTNU, SINTEF, Helse Bergen, University of MichiganHelse Midt-Norge
23OngoingArne Vasli SøraasOslo UniversitetssykehusRisk factors for community- and workplace transmission of COVID-19
ObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
24OngoingKristin HofsøOslo UniversitetssykehusSurvival rates and long-term outcomes for patients with COVID-19 admitted to Norwegian ICUsObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patientsHelse Sør-Øst
25OngoingMette KalagerOslo UniversitetssykehusCOVID-19 Public Response and Rapid-Cycle Re-Implementation of ActivitiesObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
26OngoingKjetil SundeOslo UniversitetssykehusIntensive medicine priority decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic (INTENSIVE TRIAGE)ObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patientsHelse Sør-Øst
27OngoingLars WikOslo UniversitetssykehusUse of self-report and sensors for monitoring clinical parameters during home isolation of patients with COVID-19 infectionObservationalYesNoYesOutpatientsHelse Sør-Øst
28OngoingTine GrimholtOslo UniversitetssykehusThe aims are to study a representative sample of Norwegian people, their quality of life, stress and coping strategies during the first phase of the corona outbreak in NorwayObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
29OngoingTine GrimholtOslo UniversitetssykehusMental reactions to COVID-19 among adults with heart failureObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients/Inpatients other institutions2000AdultsHelse Sør-Øst
30PlanningLene Bergendal SolbergOslo UniversitetssykehusLongitudinal population-based environmental seroepidemiological investigation protocol for COVID-19 virus infection in healthcare workers in an orthopeadic emergency departmentObservationalNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
31OngoingElfrida Hartveit KvarsteinOslo UniversitetssykehusVulnerable patients with personality disorder – consequences of the corona crisisObservationalYesNoYesOutpatientsHelse Sør-Øst
32OngoingJan Cato HolterOslo Universitetssykehus HFNorwegian SARS-CoV-2 study
ObservationalYesYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care1000 or more18 years and older8 hospitals in Norway, including all region hospitals, taking part in ISARIC COVID-19 Global data collaborativeHelse Sør-Øst
33OngoingMaria Stylianou KorsnesOslo UniversitetssykehusCOVID-19 impact on patient careObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
34FinalisedPeter Monrad-HansenOslo UniversitetssykehusAppendicitis presentation and treatment before and after COVID-19; business as usual, or delay?ObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
35OngoingKristian TonbyOslo UniversitetssykehusCOVID-19 OUS. Kvalitetsregister for alle pasienter innlagt ved Oslo Universitetssykehus med COVID-19 sykdomObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
36OngoingMargrethe von TangenOslo UniversitetssykehusRetrospektiv vurdering av triagering av Covid-19 pasienter ved bruk av nytt Kap 41: Mistanke om Corona-infeksjonObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
37PlanningTrond H. DisethOslo UniversitetssykehusHow to prevent social isolation and psychosocial dysfunction in the general child population and in children with chronic/severe somatic diseases facing the COVID-19 pandemicObservationalNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
38OngoingSøren PischkeOslo UniversitetssykehusPrevalence of complement activation in COVID-19 patients admitted to OUSObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
39OngoingKristin BjordalOslo UniversitetssykehusDevelopment of an international questionnaire to assess patient-reported symptoms and concerns related to COVID-19 disease, the COVID-19 QLQ-##ObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
40OngoingStig EvensenOslo UniversitetssykehusCOPSYC-19: Consequences for patients with psychosis from the SARS-CoV-2 shut-downObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
41OngoingJostein Skjalg HagemoOslo UniversitetssykehusPrehospital treatment of “silent hypoxia” in young patients COVID-19ObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
42OngoingErik Koldberg AmundsenOslo UniversitetssykehusLaboratory diagnostics for risk stratification in COVID-19ObservationalYesYesYesHelse Sør-Øst
43OngoingÅslaug HellandOslo UniversitetssykehusSARS-CoV-2 and CancerObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
44OngoingIrene LieOslo UniversitetssykehusA Norwegian study on views and experiences of health care professions working in intensive care units during the COVID-19 pandemicObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
45OngoingSuraj Bahadur ThapaOslo UniversitetssykehusPsychological distress and Coping in Psychiatric Patients during COVID-19 pandemic (PsyCo-COVID-19): A cross-sectional study at Oslo University HospitalObservationalYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
46PlanningArne Eltvedt FianeOslo UniversitetssykehusEuroECMO-COVIDObservationalNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
47OngoingLudvig MuntheOslo Universitetssykehus HFDefining the immune cells that correlate with fatal acute lung injury in COVID-19ObservationalNoYesYesHelse Sør-Øst
48OngoingHilde WøienOslo Universitetssykehus HFDelirium in critically ill patients with SARS-CoV-2 infectionObservationalNoNoYesIntensive care patients1000Helse Sør-Øst
49OngoingKristin Lie RommOslo Universitetssykehus HFCOPE – Corona pandemic experiences by patients with psychotic – and bipolar disordersObservationalYesNoYesHospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients300Helse Sør-Øst
50OngoingAnn Lee SolevågOslo Universitetssykehus HFVisitor bans in hospitals: How are newborn infants affected during the COVID-19 pandemic?ObservationalYesYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care300InfantsHelse Sør-Øst
51OngoingAnne Hege AamodtOslo Universitetssykehus HFThe Norwegian study of nervous system manifestations and sequelae in COVID-19 (NeuroCOVID)ObservationalNoYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive careHelse Sør-Øst
52OngoingKarsten MidtvedtOslo Universitetssykehus HFCOVID IgG KTxObservationalYesYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients/Inpatients other institutions3700Helse Sør-Øst
53OngoingLise Sofie Nissen-MeyerOslo Universitetssykehus HFNORPLASMA monitorObservationalYesNoYesIntensive care patients50Helse Sør-Øst
54PlanningVasilis SitrasOslo Universitetssykehus HFCOVID-19 in Pregnancy, Childbirth and Puerperium (COVID-Preg-ChiP Study)ObservationalYesYesNoOutpatients200Pregnant womenHelse Sør-Øst
55OngoingRandi OpheimOslo Universitetssykehus HFViews of patients with inflammatory bowel disease on the COVID-19 pandemic and the health care service – a Quality studyObservationalNoNoYesHospitalized patients without intensive care1000Helse Sør-Øst
56OngoingEllen RuudOslo Universitetssykehus HFEffect of the COVID19 pandemic on pediatric cancer incidence at Oslo University HospitalObservationalNoNoYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients90>18Helse Sør-Øst
57OngoingNina M. KynøOslo Universitetssykehus HFPandemic 2020 – Parental debut in isolationObservationalNoNoYesIntensive care patients25Helse Sør-Øst
58PlanningKirsti TøienOslo Universitetssykehus HFVisiting restrain to hospitals; family caregivers of COVID-19 ICU-patients experiences. An exploratory studyObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
59OngoingAnsgar HeckOslo universitetssykehus HFCOVID-19 in patients with pituitary diseaseObservationalYesYesYesHelse Sør-Øst
60OngoingOliver Distler

Local contact OUS:
Anna Hoffmann-Vold
Zürich University hospital, SwitzerlandCOVID-19 in the EUSTAR cohort of systemic sclerosisObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
61OngoingGrete Dyb

Local contact OUS:
John-Anker Zwart
Norwegian Center for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, Universitetet i OsloStress responses and health complaints among hospital staff working in intensive care units and clinical wards during the COVID-19 pandemicObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
62PlanningMargrethe Greve-Isdahl

Local contact OUS:
Per Kristian Knudsen
Norwegian Institute of Public Health, OsloMINI-Nor Maternal and Infant Immunity against Vaccine Preventable Diseases in NorwayObservationalNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
63OngoingLocal contact OUS:
Geir E. Tjønnfjord
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New YorkExamining COVID19 Course and Outcomes in Patients Previously Diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaObservationalNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
64OngoingErik SolligårdSt. Olavs hospitalCUT COVID-19 Coronaundersøkelsen Trøndelag – Risk stratification of severe COVID-19 infection in children and adultsObservationalYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care20000-100 yearsHelse Nord-Trøndelag, Helse Møre og Romsdal, NTNU, UNNHelse Midt-Norge
65PlanningLine PedersenSt. Olavs and Sørlandet HospitalHome monitoring and followup og COVID-19 patientsObservationalNoHospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients200From 18 and up.St.Olavs Hospital and Sørlandet HospitalHelse Midt-Norge
66PlanningTorbjørn Moe EggebøStavanger universitetssjukehusCovid-19 infection in pregnancyObservationalNoOutpatients400018-50Helse Vest
67OngoingIngvil MjaalandStavanger universitetssjukehusKvalitetsoppfølging av pasienter med tidlig brystkreft som får endret fraksjonering i strålebehandling som følge av Covid-19 pandemien.ObservationalNoYesOutpatients30 patients, maybe more if the pandemic lasts longer18 years or olderHelse Vest
68OngoingAnne Kristin Møller FellSykehuset TelemarkThe Corona and COVID-19 study in Telemark and AgderObservationalYesYesYesOutpatients500018 and olderSørlandet SykehusHelse Sør-Øst
69OngoingChristine M. JonassenSykehuset ØstfoldViral factors associated with severe cases of COVID-19ObservationalNoYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/Outpatients/Inpatients other institutions150>18Helse Sør-Øst
70PlanningGernot ErnstVestre Viken HF, Kongsberg sykehusLoss of olfaction as an early predictor for the development of critical COVID-19 infectionsObservationalNoOutpatients200>18Helse Sør-Øst
71PlanningGernot ErnstVestre Viken HF, Kongsberg sykehusHeart Rate Variability as prognostic factor in patients with COVID-19 infectionObservationalNoIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care60>18Helse Sør-Øst

Study design: Other

NrProject statusProject leader/Contact info

Health trust/InstitutionStudy title/Aims of the studyStudy designEthics approvalBiobankFundingPatient categoriesTotal number of patients to be includedAge of patientsCollaborative institutionsRegional health trust
1OngoingEspen Saxhaug KristoffersenAkershus universitetssykehus HFNeurology during the pandemic (NeuroPan)OtherNoNoYes100-150>18 yearsOslo University Hospital and Haukeland University HospitalHelse Sør-Øst
2OngoingEspen Saxhaug KristoffersenAkershus universitetssykehus HFStroke during a pandemic (StrokePan) studyOtherYesNoYesHospitalized patients without intensive care35017-100Helse Sør-Øst
3OngoingIngrid MiljeteigHelse BergenPriority dilemma, moral distress and support experienced by physicians and nurses in Helse Vest during the COVID-19-epidemicOtherYesYesUniversity of BergenHelse Vest
4OngoingDagny Faksvåg HaugenHelse BergenExperience of end-of-life care during the Covid-19 crisisOtherYesNoYesMaximum 292 participants in Norway>18Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam (lead) and partners in several other countriesHelse Vest
5PlanningHarleen GrewalHelse Bergen og Universitet i BergenCohort study of COVID-19 Nested within a Randomised Controlled Trial of Patients Hospitalised with Community Acquired Pneumonia: Disease severity, Optimised management, and OutcomesOtherYesHospitalized patients without intensive careUncertain, would depend upon the evolution of the epidemic.Adults ≥18 yearsCopenhagen University, Leiden University (Netherlands), University of Southampton (UK)Helse Vest
6PlanningMette TollånesUniversitetet i BergenProtokoll for utprøving av immunologiske hurtigtester for COVID-19OtherNoNoHelse Vest
7OngoingArne Broch BrantsæterOslo UniversitetssykehusSerum standard for COVID-19 vaccineOtherNoYesYesHelse Sør-Øst
8OngoingAnders ÅsbergOslo UniversitetssykehusCOVID-19 outcome in patients with chronic kidney diseaseOtherYesYesYesHospitalized patients without intensive careHelse Sør-Øst
9OngoingGunnveig GrødelandOslo UniversitetssykehusNovel vaccine development against COVID-19OtherYesNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
10OngoingTom MalaOslo UniversitetssykehusAbdominal pain in COVID-19 patientsOtherYesNoYesHospitalized patients without intensive careHelse Sør-Øst
11OngoingMarius RehnOslo UniversitetssykehusPre-hospital management of COVID-19OtherNoNoYesHospitalized patients without intensive careHelse Sør-Øst
12OngoingTom Hemming KarlsenOslo UniversitetssykehusAn anonymized GWAS to urgently query host genetic predisposition to severe COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 infection) lung diseaseOtherYesYesYesHospitalized patients without intensive careHelse Sør-Øst
13PlanningArne KlunglandOslo UniversitetssykehusEpitranscriptomic regulation of viral fitness upon SARS-CoV-2 infection; a host-virus studyOtherNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
14PlanningStefan KraussOslo UniversitetssykehusPharmacological WNT inhibition to attenuate the cytokine storm, the central severe complication in COVID-19 infectionsOtherNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
15PlanningFridtjof Lund-JohansenOslo UniversitetssykehusCOVID-19 immunity in the populationOtherNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
16OngoingLudvig MuntheOslo UniversitetssykehusEstablishing in tube-diagnostic tests for immunity or susceptibility for SARS-CoV-2 in elderly cancer patients and in high-risk childrenOtherNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
17OngoingKarl ØyriOslo UniversitetssykehusResearch and Development for a low-cost, quickly produced mechanical ventilator capacity scaling system for Covid-19 affected communitiesOtherNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
18PlanningCharles Ethan PaccioneOslo UniversitetssykehusThe Mind-Body App for Mental Health ManagementOtherNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
19PlanningSimon RaynerOslo UniversitetssykehusIntegrated novel intervention strategies for COVID-19 : Using data mining to fight current and future pandemicsOtherNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
20PlanningTone TønjumOslo UniversitetssykehusReversing COVID-19 (RevCOVID-19)OtherNoNoHelse Sør-Øst
21OngoingAtle BjørnerudOslo UniversitetssykehusArtificial intelligence to quantify important segments from CT in COVID-19OtherNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
22OngoingHåvard KalvøyOslo UniversitetssykehusSplitting one ventilator for multiple patientsOtherNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
23OngoingKristin Lie RommOslo UniversitetssykehusREACT-NOR – react now!
Remote follow-up of relatives of patients with psychosis during the COVID-19 crisis
OtherNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
24OngoingLars EideOslo UniversitetssykehusCOVID-19 general biobankOtherYesYesYesHelse Sør-Øst
25OngoingKjetil TaskénOslo UniversitetssykehusImmunoregulatory and antiviral properties of compounds derived from anti-malaria drugs as hydroxychloroquineOtherNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
26OngoingEivind HovigOslo UniversitetssykehusProduction of “in house” versions of reverse transcriptase and Taq DNA polymerase for use in SARS-CoV-2 assaysOtherNoNoYesHelse Sør-Øst
27PlanningLars LienSykehuset InnlandetThe impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak on people with concurrent mental health and substance use disordersOtherNoOutpatients2518-65VID, HINNHelse Sør-Øst
28OngoingLars Petter BjørnsenSt. Olavs hospital Universitetssykehus TrondheimUltralydsdiagnostikk av mistenkt COVID-19 smittede pasienter i akuttmottaketOtherYesNoYesHospitalized patients without intensive care200Over 16 årSørlandet sykehus HF, St Olavs hospital, Haukeland Universitetssykehus, Oslo universitetssykehus Ullevål, Nordlandssykehuset HF Bodø, Drammen sykehus, Sykehuset Telemark HF Skien, Stavanger universitetssykehus, Akurshus universitetssykehusHelse Midt-Norge
29OngoingHege Selnes HaugdahlHelse Nord-Trøndelag HFIsolated and critically ill – experiences of video-communication between ICU family members and ICU nurses and physicians during the Covid-19 diseaseOtherNoNoYesIntensive care patients8-12 ICU family membersUiT The Arctic University of NorwayHelse Midt-Norge
30OngoingWaleed GhanimaSykehuset ØstfoldResearch biobank for internal medicineOtherYesYesIntensive care patients/Hospitalized patients without intensive care/OutpatientsHelse Sør-Øst