NorCRIN user meeting, 23 September 2019 – programme and presentations

09.30–10.00      Coffee and registration

Meeting Chair: Sameline Grimsgaard, UiT The Arctic University of Norway and NorCRIN

10.00–11.15       What is NorCRIN, and what contribution does it make?

11.15–11.30       Break

11.30     Action plan for clinical trials and the health industry report. Nils Olav Refsdal and Marianne van der Wel (15 min)

11.50     “Trial Nation-NEXT” in Norway? Facilitation for industrial projects. Siv Mørkved (15 min)

12.10     Clinical studies of medical devices: Advice and tips to applicants. Anne-Mari Håkelien (25 min)

12.40     User participation: an example (from the patient’s perspective). Experiences of user participation in the NINA-1 trial. Heidi Hansen (15 min)

13.00–13.50       Lunch

Meeting Chair: Ola Dale, NorCRIN Secretariat, St. Olav’s Hospital

13.50–15.50    Clinical trials, user experience and NorCRIN 

13.50    KLINBEFORSK: Experiences with NorCRIN in the Back to Basic trial. John-Anker Zwart (15 min)

14.10    Medical device interventions and GCP: Benefit of NorCRIN? Daniel Bergum (15 min)

14.30    Experience with GCP for orthopaedic interventions. Katarina Mølsæter (20 min)

14.50–15.10        Coffee break

15.10–15.50        GDPR: Information and discussion. Hilde Eikemo, Fredrik Høie Jordet, Pål Romundstad (40 min)

15.50–16.00      Summary