NorCRIN user meeting, 25 September 2017 – programme and presentations

NorCRIN user meeting, 25 September 2017, the Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo

Meeting Chair: Ernst Omenaas, Head of Research, Bergen Health Trust/Western Norway Regional Health Authority

Programme and agenda

09.30–10.00 Coffee and registration

10.00–11.20 What is NorCRIN, and what contribution does it make?

11.20–11.35 Break

11.35–12.10 Expectations for NorCRIN

12.10–12.20 Clinical Research Initiative for Global Health (CRIGH) – opportunities for Norway

12.20–13.00 LUNCH

13.00–13.15 User participation, an example (patient’s perspective)

13.15–13.30 A safe hand to hold, seen from a monitor’s typical day, by Ingunn Aanundskås (HUS)

13.30–15.30 Clinical trials, user experience and NorCRIN

    Exchange of experience (and coffee)

    Panel discussion – Possible topics:

  • GCP in trialling technical equipment versus trials of medicinal products
  • Is it possible to finance long-term clinical trials in Norway?
  • How is it possible to attract more clinical trials in children?
  • Multicentre trials – what research support is needed?

15.30–16.00 Summary