Project organisation

NorCRIN is organised into sub-projects (work packages) in which all partners are involved.

During the project period, we will, among other things:

  • harmonise national procedures for clinical trials to the new European regulation
  • standardise and harmonise monitoring in Norway
  • standardise GCP courses
  • establish collaboration between researchers and industry
  • quality-assure eCRF systems
  • develop procedures for non-pharmacological interventional studies
  • map early-phase units in Norway

Our partners are St. Olav’s Hospital (St. Olav), Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Stavanger University Hospital (SUS), Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) and Haukeland University Hospital (HUS).

The Secretariat has day-to-day responsibility for the management and operation of NorCRIN. It is based at Haukeland University Hospital with Nina Jebsen as Project Manager.

The NorCRIN Board is the decision-making body of the NorCRIN project. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the intentions and plans on which the project is based are fulfilled. The NorCRIN Board is chaired by Svein Skeie of SUS, with Einar Bugge of UNN as Deputy Chair.

The NorCRIN working committee (AU) has been established to streamline the work and decision-making processes in the NorCRIN project. It consists of Norcrin Chair, Deputy Chair, OUS representative, Project Manager and Network Coordinator.