REK and SLV adapt their application processing for trials focusing on Covid-19

In an urgent announcement with a deadline of 16 March, the Research Council of Norway announced up to NOK 30 million of funding for research into issues relevant to management of the coronavirus outbreak. The research will help to evaluate treatment and provide systematic knowledge about the spread and effects of the virus. In addition, local initiatives have been implemented for clinical trials focusing on Covid-19.

Before these projects can be initiated, they must be processed and approved by REK. In addition, all clinical trials must be processed and approved by SLV (the Norwegian Medicines Agency).

NorCRIN has been in contact with REK South and East and received the following information:

  1. REK will now change its application processing for trials focusing on Covid-19
    This means that REK will process applications continuously and independently of the set deadlines. Furthermore, cases are expected to be processed within three days. REK will send out information about this as soon as the reorganisation has been clarified with the Ministry of Health and Care Services as the professional authority (ref. the Health Research Act). This should be in place in a few days (Source: Jacob Hølen, REK South and East).
  2. SLV has posted relevant information on its website
    We can emphasise that SLV will prioritise Covid-19 trials and has made arrangements for pragmatic case processing. The information online will be updated on an ongoing basis.

In addition, SLV will provide information about a standard protocol that the European Medicines Agency is working on in order to facilitate data-sharing between overlapping trials that are currently being planned.

NorCRIN will closely follow developments and continue to keep our partners and users up to date.