User involvement

The Board of NorCRIN, the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, the Research Council of Norway, the industry and the researchers expect NorCRIN to be a visible and relevant infrastructure body that will actively contribute to increasing the number of clinical trials in Norway, and to reflect and preferably resolve challenges facing researchers and the industry. User meetings and user surveys play an important part in achieving this.

NorCRIN user meetings

On 25 September 2017 we held a NorCRIN user meeting, with about 70 registered participants from all over Norway. The user meeting focused on expectations and experiences with NorCRIN from a user perspective. The aim of the meeting was to make NorCRIN more visible, and also to allow us to gain constructive feedback from our users.

The user meeting was viewed as a success, and a further user meeting was held on 23 September 2019.

This user meeting focused on experiences from researchers who have used the NorCRIN network to plan trials with funding from KLINBEFORSK (the national programme for clinical therapy research in the specialist health service). It also featured a technical discussion about GDPR and a review of challenges anticipated by the Norwegian Medicines Agency in studies involving medical devices that are not CE marked.

NorCRIN user survey

In 2018, we conducted a user survey. The objective was to obtain input that could contribute to the improvement, development and adjustment of the operation of NorCRIN.

We had a total of 149 responses to the survey. A number of services offered by NorCRIN were listed, and respondents were asked which of these services they had used and how relevant they had perceived them to be.

Of services that scored the highest, i.e. where over 50% of the respondents stated that the service was relevant, monitoring scored 60.3%, procedures, data management and advice on GCP 54.0% and GCP courses and register support 51.6%.

As many as 80% thought it was relevant for them to use services from NorCRIN, and just as many thought that there were no other relevant services that NorCRIN could be offering. 72.3% replied that they were satisfied or very satisfied with NorCRIN’s services, while 23.4% were neutral and 4.3% were dissatisfied.