What is NorCRIN?

NorCRIN is a national research infrastructure with the primary objective to strenghten and simplify the collaboration within all categories of clinical research in Norway

Who is NorCRIN?

NorCRIN consist of all of the six university hospitals in Norway; St. Olavs hospital (St. Olav), Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Stavanger University Hospital (SUS), Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), The University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) og Haukeland University Hospital (HUS).

Contact information to the research support services within the NorCRIN- network and which services are offered can be found here.

The secretariat for NorCRIN is located at St. Olavs hospital and the projcet manager is Knut Hagen.

The chairman of the NorCRIN board is Kristin Bjordal, Head of Research and Research Support Services at Oslo University Hospital.

NorCRIN’s vision is “more research, better quality and less management”

Several of the NorCRIN work packages focus on developing infrastructure (precedures, monitoring, GCP courses, GCP course template etc.) with the goal to harmonise national tasks and challenges given to us either through the Commissioner’s Document from the Ministry of Health and Care Services or the Regional Health Authorities, partners, input from other infrastructures or our users, and which can easily be implemented at each hospital. This will lead to a more coordinated, transparent and harmonised conduction at all the hospitals. Several of the actions will in addition directly strengthen the investigator’s and other personell’s competence and make them capable of conducting clinical studies of high quality.

An overview of the NorCRIN work packages.

The following effects are expected through the NorCRIN collaboration:

  • Increase the number of investigator initiated clinical studies
  • Increase the number of national studies
  • Increase the number of patients enrolled in clinical studies
  • Increase the participation in international (Nordic/EU) studies
  • Increase the number of studies financed by the industry
  • Incrase the volume of and the clinical studies and Økt omfang av og gjennomføringshastighet på kliniske studier
  • Increase the foundation for research based clinical practice