NorCRIN – information in English

NorCRIN’s primary objective is to offer research support within a broad spectrum of clinical studies – ranging from biomedicine to the testing of new medicinal products.

NorCRIN wishes to develop and strengthen the national network of research infrastructure. NorCRIN’s aim is to facilitate clinical research by supporting the many complex elements of this type of research, such as study design, the application process, conduction and GCP reporting (Good Clinical Practice). The main objective is to strengthen and simplify the collaboration within all categories of clinical research in Norway.

NorCRIN is the Norwegian hub of a larger European research network –  ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network).

The Ministry of Health and Care Services in Norway initiated the founding of NorCRIN, and St. Olavs hospital is responsible for coordinating and operating the network.

With the establishment of NorCRIN we expect the following results in Norway:

  • More national, researcher initiated clinical studies
  • More industry financed studies in Norway
  • Larger participation in international (Nordic/EU) studies
  • Speedier conduction of clinical studies
  • Better facilities for research based medical practice

Our collaborators are St. Olavs hospital (St. Olav), Oslo University Hospital (OUS), Stavanger University Hospital (SUS), Akershus University Hospital (Ahus), Tromsø University Hospital (UNN) and Haukeland University Hospital (HUS).

The secretariat is located at St. Olav and consists of: NorCRIN network coordinator Sigrun K. Sæther, ECRIN correspondent Valentina C. Iversen and project manager Knut Hagen.